Entrepreneurship is all about the propensity to take risks, plan, organize, manage, and streamline a business idea in a dynamic global marketplace. Entrepreneurs are independent-minded, innovative people, who are on a quest to create uniqueness. 

While you definitely need nerve and patience to start and run a new business, you also need to focus on your skills that are integral to your business field. Pranav Mangal, a successful 16 years old entrepreneur has astonished the world with his success and age. His passion towards work is unbeatable and he seems unstoppable. Here we had an amazing interview with him to get to know his journey and him better, so let’s see what all he has to say!

1). What business do you do?

I am a digital marketing expert, so I provide all the services regarding that. I do the brand promotions, Social media marketing as well accounts handling, Website Designing, and maintain Public Relations. I have worked with clients outside India as well.

2). Tell us about your journey?

I have literally started from the scratch. I am a school student and developed this interest during my vacation as a pastime which ultimately became my career. Yes, it was difficult, but a rewarding journey.

3). What is your USP?

The huge amount of client base that I have today is all because of the service that I provide and the relations that I have maintained with them. My first priority is customer satisfaction and I don’t see profits in front of that. So, I would call that my USP.

4). What is your success mantra?

My only success mantra is “Grow through what you go through.” Challenges do come but rather than going with the flow just grow with the flow and never stop. Take a break for sometime if you need. 

5). What motivates you in life to keep going?

My family and god are my sources of strength that actually gives me power and enthusiasm to work harder than ever towards my goals.

6). What are the initial barriers you encounter while getting started with your work and how you overcome those?

Indeed, I faced a lot of difficulties managing work along with my studies as I cannot ignore studies altogether. So, I made a schedule and managing both now along with keeping time to enjoy my private life. Also, you meet people who can’t see you doing good and are jealous. But of-course, ignoring them is the only way. 

At last, we asked him about the message he wants to give his audience. His reply was,

“Do not let anything or anyone stop you. Be unstoppable and passionate towards your work always.”

It was great interviewing such an enthusiastic person who has literally devoted himself to his work. Such people are always welcomed!