Bengaluru: By now, Amulya Leona should be a household name. 

Of course, not for achieving anything big in life, but for shouting pro-Pakistan slogans at an anti-rally CAA in Bengaluru. 

Such was her bias and brazenness that even Asaduddin Owaisi, the AIMIM chief, who is a prominent fact at such rallies, was shocked! He himself rushed to shut the lady up and urged legal action against her. 

Now, after the Bengaluru police interrogated her for a considerable time, they have unearthed some really troubling aspects. 

First on the list of the revelations is that she is a paid protester. That means, she is not a volunteer who really has concerns about CAA, but is working only in order to fill her stomach. 

Ever since the anti-CAA protests began in the December month of last year, it is the organisers who have been footing her bill.  

Sources also tell us that the organisers have paid for her air tickets and hotel rooms. 

In a video that went viral in the immediacy of her arrests, it came to light, as per her own mea culpa that she is just the face of the entire protests, but there was a full-fledged team that worked meticulously, in order to prepare her speeches. All that she had to was to come on the stage and regurgitate whatever she had been fed with. 

But sources further add that the back-end team had not imagined, even in its wildest dream that Leona would blurt out pro-Pakistan slogans. 

It is also learnt that the journalism student has been throwing tantrums to the investigating officers as they try to extract information from her. 

Uncouth and uncooperative, she is prevailing upon the officers to let her go and be with her dad. 

Ironically, when news spread that she had spoken in favour of Pakistan, her own father had disowned her, saying he wouldn’t fight for her.