The story of 'Insaan' of 'Anand Mandal' entered the hearts of the audience, fans said- 'Mirror of society' The story of 'Insaan'- Real Story of Poor Boy

The latest video of YouTuber Anand Mandal’s YouTube channel “Anand Mandal” is being loved by the audience. In fact, Anand uploaded the video on YouTube and Facebook 2 days ago, which is trending a lot on social media these days. 

Most interestingly, the story of the video is touching the hearts of the audience. In fact, the video story depicts a poor boy who has been working in a house for 5 years as a servant because of his family responsibilities. One day his mother's health suddenly deteriorates, and when he asks his mistress for the money left over from his work. Then his mistress accuses him of stealing and throws him out of the house and does not give him the remaining money. 

We further see that when her mistress's husband comes home, and she tells her husband everything. Then her husband gets angry with the woman and takes his wife to the poor boy and apologizes and returns all her money to her. Here the boy also forgives them by speaking his heart out. 

If we look at it, this story is somewhere the mirror of today's society. Anand also comes to the end of the video's content and sends a message to his audience, which reflects the bitter truth of this society. Anand's fans also write to him, 'This is the mirror of society, and I say, every video of yours teaches you something. 

Anand, who belongs to Kolayat, a small village in Bikaner in Rajasthan, is only 21 years old. At the same time, he now lives in Delhi. "I make motivational videos on my channel so that people can take inspiration from his story," says Anand. 

"A total of 1.01 million subscribers have been added to Anand's YouTube channel, and so far the total views are 165,759,146. He also has a page on Facebook, which is being followed by 2,330,719 people. Anand's videos are mostly based on entertainment, motivational and short film story formats. If we look at the total followers of social media handles, Anand has been followed by more than 4 million people so far. On the other hand, their total views are above 1 billion.