Bengaluru: Vijay Singh Rathore is indeed a busy man. He has etched a name for himself in Indore where he has set up an eatery. 

You may find it difficult to believe, but he earns a mammoth Rs 3.5 crore a year! 

But it all began with a paltry sum of Rs 500 in the year 1978 as he titled his eatery Johny Hot Dog. 

Well, customers rush to his eatery, not just because of the taste of the hot dogs, but also because of the quality and hygiene he ensures. 

He says, “Purity of the food that you serve is important. You serve only what you can eat yourself. So, there is no compromise on quality to save money,” as quoted by the Weekend Leader. 

He also explains the reason behind the name his shop has. 

He says, “In Indore, we generally have shops with names like Vijay Chaat House or Sharma Sweets. If I had named mine as Rathore Hot Dog it wouldn’t have caught much attention or even earned customers’ trust. There was a popular movie hall in the city that played only English movies. We didn’t have the money to watch movies there but would gather there after work and order a food item that was known as Hot Dog”. 

What makes people rush to his shop is also his cordial nature. At the same time, he uses desi products and also the hygienic way in which he serves the product. 

He says, “We use desi ghee, fresh butter and buns that give the unique taste to our hot dog. The advantage with Hot Dog is that it is easy to cook, unlike Kachori or Samosa, and is a healthy food that can be had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We have never gone for plastic or other disposable alternatives. Right from the beginning we have been using water resourcefully and maintained utmost hygiene”. 

Today, as he sells 4000 such pieces on a daily basis, we can’t help but be in awe.