Bengaluru: It is a given that minorities in Pakistan are not treated well. 

Keeping this in mind, an Indian think-tank has sent petitions to UN Secretary General and top officials of the UN on the state-sanctioned violence against minorities in Pakistan and the murder of innocent civilians and political workers by Pak-supported terrorist groups in Jammu and Kashmir.

On September 22, the Usanas Foundation, a Udaipur-based think tank, sent a petition on the increasingly deteriorating conditions of minorities in Pakistan and the violation of their rights with the state's tacit support to the UN secretary-general Antonio Gutteres. 

A note on how minorities are ill-treated: 

Recently, a minor Christian girl, who was abducted by a realtor, was sent back to him by a Pakistan court, asking her to be a good wife to him. Later, as the court gave its ruling against her, she escaped from the hostile clutches of her husband. 

Many Hindu girls have been abducted in the country and forcefully converted to Islam and married. Other Hindus who have been staying there have been subjugated. In what’s not just shameful but shocking as well, they have been disenfranchised as well. Radical Islamists have forced them to down their shutters and extorted money from them. 

Another incident that boils any sane thinker is how a few zealots have ensured that a temple for Hindus was not built. It might be recalled that the Pakistan government had sanctioned a piece of land for the temple construction, but it has not seen the light of day because of the opposition shown. 

In another development, As reported by a popular website, a PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf) leader from Narowal, Qamar Riaz, had reportedly filed a complaint with the Zafarwal police against Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) politician Khawaja Asif for allegedly ‘committing blasphemy’ while delivering a speech in the National Assembly.

It is reported that Riaz had quoted verses of the Quran to suggest that Asif had hurt the sentiments of all Muslims and had committed blasphemy. He stated, “His words are against the teachings of the Holy Quran and Sunnah and are tantamount to blasphemy against Islam. He has declared Muslims and infidels as equal and this is a grave crime according to the Shariah.”