Bengaluru: The tensions between India and China escalates. 

For the last five months, the Indian Army's armoured regiments are always ready to take on the Chinese Army at altitudes of over 14,500 feet. This happens to be the world's highest battlefield for tanks and infantry combat vehicles along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh.

It’s not just the war. The Army is also engaged in building new shelters and prefabricated structures. These are just he Army’s way of fighting the extremely harsh winters. 

The Army is also ready with its T-90 and T-72 tanks along with the BMP-2 Infantry Combat Vehicles which can operate at temperatures up to minus 40 degree Celsius.

The temperatures normally dip to minus 35 degrees in the night during winters coupled with high-speed freezing winds here.

"The Fire and Fury Corps is the only formation of the Indian Army and also in the world to have actually deployed mechanised forces in such harsh terrain. The maintenance of the tanks, infantry combat vehicles and heavy guns is a challenge in this terrain. To ensure crew and equipment readiness, adequate arrangements are in place for both man and machine," says Major General Arvind Kapoor, as reported by Economic Times. 

The website also adds a tank soldier deployed at an altitude of 14,700 feet, as saying, "Mechanised infantry is the advanced part of the Indian Army. It has experience of working under any weather condition and any terrain. Due to features like high mobility ammunition and missile storage, it has the capability to fight for a longer duration. The gunner of mechanised infantry is a trained soldier who is capable of firing different kinds of armaments." 

It was in June that Chinese soldiers attacked Indian soldiers at Galwan Valley. As many as 20 soldiers on the Indian side were martyred.