Bengaluru: In a brave rescue operation, the Indian Army has rescued around 450 tourists stuck in heavy snow. 

These tourists had been to Sikkim on the India-China border when they were caught in heavy snow. 

Swarajya quoted defence spokesman Lt Col P Khongsai as saying that in prompt action, soldiers rescued the tourists in 120 vehicles stuck amid sub-zero temperatures in the high reaches of Yongdi.

As soon as the news reached the Army, they rushed to the spot, cleared the snow-clogging and created a vehicle lane. Once that was done, the tourists were given medical aid, though it must be mentioned that there were only minor injuries. 

These tourists were travelling in 120 vehicles when they were trapped by the huge snowflakes. 

"Brave hearts of Indian Army in spite of adverse weather and inclement condition rescued more than 450 tourists including women & children by timely and prompt action at Yongdi in Sikkim near the India-China border following sudden heavy snowfall," said the PRO Guwahati, as quoted by Swarajya.