New Delhi: As tension mounts between India and Pakistan, the NDA government on Wednesday sent out a strong and clear message over the capturing of its Air Force MiG 21 Bison pilot Abhinandan Varthaman by the enemies. 

The government said that it expects “immediate and safe return” of Varthaman. 

The ministry of external affairs on Wednesday India had lost a MiG-21 Bison fighter aircraft during an air-to-air engagement with Pakistan Air Force jets following the non-military, pre-emptive air strikes in Balakot. 

The MEA also added that though one Pakistan Air Force fighter aircraft (F-16 fighter jet) was shot down, the pilot of the MiG-21 was “missing in action”.  

Later, Pakistan claimed that the pilot was in their custody and several videos of him started circulating by Pakistani accounts. In a video, he was seen blindfolded, tied and wounded. He was heard telling the Pak authorities his name and service number. However, Pakistan took it down after facing backlash for violated the  Geneva Convention for prisoners. 

Later another video was released, which showed Varthaman sipping tea and saying that Pakistan army was treating him well. 

Meanwhile, the chiefs of the armed forces Wednesday updated Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the security situation after Pakistani aircraft violated Indian airspace and an Indian pilot was taken into custody by the neighbouring country, sources said.

The meeting of the chiefs of the Army, the Navy and the Air Force is their second with PM Modi in 24 hours.

On Wednesday evening, the three chiefs met the prime minister at his official residence and updated him on the latest security scenario, the sources said.

From PTI inputs