Bengaluru: These are really tough times for the Indian government, aren’t they? It is literally in a catch-22 situation. Damned if you do it, damned if you don’t! 

While criticisms flow abundantly for the Prime Minster for hurriedly implementing the lockdown, we must remember that if the chicken neck of four hours was extended to, say a day or two, the entire purpose of the lockdown would have been defeated. The PM had no choice but to impose a lockdown keeping in mind the welfare of the society. 

While just a week is left for the lockdown to get over, the government is again in a quandary. Should it extend the lockdown or should it call it off? Or should it go for a staggered approach? 

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Well, to be honest, the government is seriously working on the issue. And trust us, the recommendations are as wide as the criticisms are! 

Firstly, several states and even health officials are of the view that the government must extend it because, as of now, the only way to contain the spread of the virus is to make people stay at home.

Though it is difficult for the people to fetter themselves, they will gain big as confinement will make them not contract the virus. 

Secondly, those who say lockdown must be relinquished. If that happens, roads and malls will be seething will people the moment the lockdown is lifted. This means to say that all that the country had gained in the 21-day lockdown period will be lost in a matter of just 24 hours! 

So the government has to tread carefully here as well! 

Thirdly, if the lockdown continues, so will  the plight of the unorganised sector, daily wagers and the like. The economy has already taken a beating and continuation of the lockdown will further spell doom. But as these are hard times, life and security come first. Only then, the talks of economy come up. 

While writing this article, there are several news reports that the government may pass the onus of lifting or continuing the lockdown to the states. 

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The government has also issued a separate set of guidelines for both options. 

Whatever be the issue, the government is walking on thin ice.

It is our bounden duty to follow the guidelines and throw our weight behind the government unconditionally.