New Delhi: Over the past few days, India Today's journalist Tanushree Pandey and anchor Rahul Kanwal have been grabbing the headlines for all the wrong reason. They are seen peddling fake news and false accusations over the recent JNU violence.

In a video that surfaced on social media, journalist Tanushree Pandey is seen teaching JNUSU vice-president Saket Moon who belongs to the Democratic Students Federation, and of course, one of the Leftist organisations at the University to blame ABVP students over the violence that took place on January 5.

Before taking the interview, it can be evidently seen that the 'journalist' is hinting at Saket to peddle his "Leftist" agenda and blame the entire incident on the ABVP. 


It can be seen that this interview done by the India Today journalist was a deliberate effort to provide the leftist organisations with a platform to peddle fake news on ABVP as the journalist does not ask a single question regarding the Leftist's involvement in the violence.

In the conversation that was caught on camera microphone, the duo can be heard having discussions of the servers at JNU to which Saket says, "I am not a technical person." 

The 'journalist' refuses to take his claim as he was still not clear as to why Tanushree would have such an extensive discussion with someone who, by his admission, does not have much knowledge on the subject at hand.

To know more about the news Tanushree peddled on JNU servers, click this link: India Today gets served again by netizens; journalist fails to understand JNU server system

There are enough instances in the recent past where the journalists have committed ethical malpractices to peddle individual narratives. The credibility of India Today's report can be seen going further down the road.