New Delhi: Days after India Today passed off a Jawaharlal Nehru University Students' Union (JNUSU) member as an ABVP member in a so-called sting operation that was aired on January 10, the channel's anchor, Rahul Kanwal, has yet not stopped spreading lies.

On January 10, ABVP had claimed that the JNU student who was shown as an ABVP member does not belong to the students' organisation. India Today anchor had posted a piece of news along with a photograph of a student, Akshat Awasthi in a students' protest, saying that it was an ABVP rally.

But, in reality, the photograph used by Rahul Kanwal was that of a JNUSU protest over the fee hike, and this news was published by several media outlets, including India Today.

Akshat Awasthi, too, came forward to declare that he does not belong to ABVP, and he made false claims in the sting video.

However, Kanwal refused to accept the evidence presented before him and kept insisting that Akshat is a member of ABVP.

Taking to Twitter on January 11, Kanwal asked the people to watch India Today for videos of Akshat at an ABVP protest. The India Today anchor further said that he knows that it was an ABVP rally because the footage was shared on ABVP's social media site.


All this despite ABVP posting a video showing that Akshat was with the left-wing students on January 5.

In the video, Akshat is seen with AISA leader, Dolan Samantha, who was assaulting ABVP members. Also, the police were keeping the ABVP and the Left separate by standing between them in a row.

The video, which also acts as a piece of evidence, proves that Akshat is a Left-wing member, and appeared in the India Today sting video with the hateful attempt to malign ABVP.

During the police investigation too, it has been found that the Left-wing students had started violence in JNU in an attempt to boycott classes protesting the fee hike.

The left-wing students prevented other students from enrolling for the upcoming semester and had disabled the Wi-Fi connections on the campus to deliberately stop students from registering online.

But the India Today anchor continued his series of attempts to blame ABVP for the violence in JNU and came up with more falsehoods to defend his lies.


After the video that was posted by the ABVP made rounds on social media, Kanwal posted a tweet claiming that even if Akshat was a Left-wing student, he was planted into the ABVP, and his role in the JNU protest should be investigated by police, as he confessed on camera.

Here too, the India Today's "journalist" was seen making false claims. Akshat was not planted in the ABVP, as he was never an ABVP member.

Akshat is a Left member, who was passed off as an ABVP member by Rahul Kanwal, as confirmed by Akshat and the ABVP.

The Delhi police is investing the case and named several persons in the case, based on videos and photos of the violence. If Akshat is found indulging in violence or found guilty, it will be another Left-wing member found guilty in the JNU violence, not ABVP.