Bengaluru: India is all set to lay its hands on Hammer precision strike kits by the end of this month. In this relation, India had signed a deal with France earlier.

By the end of November, the weapon will be delivered to the Indian Air Force (IAF) in “large numbers”.

It is to be noted that India had made an emergency request for the weapons. Therefore, the weapon will be delivered to the IAF from the stocks of the French Air Force. 

It might be recalled that the tensions with China in June earlier this year had necessitated the emergency request by India. Keeping this in mind, the ministry of defence and the IAF had decided to procure Hammer. 

More on the weapon: 

As reported by a popular website, the weapon, which can strike targets in enemy territory from standoff ranges, is manufactured by French defence major Safran.

The weapon can hit targets up to a range of 70 kilometres, depending on the altitude of release. It uses “automatic target recognition” technology to hit its target with precision and can be used in “fire and forget” mode.

A note on Galwan clashes: 

It all began when Indian soldiers dismantled a Chinese tent at Patrol Point 14, which is close to the mouth of the Galwan river. The tent had been dismantled following a meeting between Lieutenant General Harinder Singh, who commands the Leh-based XIV Corps, and Major-General Lin Liu, the head of the Xinjiang military district

But just within two days, it should be noted that the PLA set up a fresh tent at Patrol Point 14. This was in clear violation of the agreement.

Another intelligence report by the U.S had claimed that a senior Chinese commander ordered the attack against Indian soldiers.

Since then, India has retaliated strongly.