Bengaluru: As tensions between India and China escalates, India today (30 September) successfully test-fired extended range BrahMos supersonic cruise missile. 

The missile can easily hit targets as far as over 400 kilometres away.

As reported, the test was carried out under the PJ-10 program of DRDO and involved the usage of a booster which has been Made-In-India. Under this extended range program, DRDO is ready with missiles with a range of 500 kilometres.

Websites also noted that changes have been made in the Ramjet engine and the fuel injection system thereby providing the missile the capability to fly much longer than its initial 300-kilometre range. These changes include digitising part of the fuel injection system and software changes.

DRDO is also testing the missile to fly at higher altitude to increase its range by taking advantage of the lower air friction.

DRDO has said that will make changes to the BrahMos as per requirements which may include changes to the missile's range, speed and stealth capabilities.