Bengaluru: As many as 62 countries have joined hands seeking a probe into the genesis of coronavirus. 

Incidentally, India too is one of the countries among these 62 countries. 

As reported by a popular website, the coalition has also called for conduction of an impartial evaluation of the World Health Organisation (WHO)'s response to the pandemic, as per the draft resolution proposed for the annual meeting of the World Health Assembly which is WHO's parent governing body.  

The proposal for a probe has primarily been driven by Australia and the European Union.

However, India’s entry into the list marks a prominent move by the country in articulating its stand on the virus. 

It should also be noted further that the move to seek a probe comes as a major setback for China. China has been accused of hiding and concealing information on the origins of the virus. Covid-19 has killed more than 3,00,000 people globally, while also imposing on the global economy a major blow.

The role of WHO is also under scrutiny as the global health body did not support any travel restrictions on China till February earlier this year. 

Times of India added a source which confirmed the development. It said, “It has language that was acceptable to all including EU and Australia and wasn’t objected to by either China or the US.”

It is pertinent to note that at the G20 virtual summit in March, Modi had said that the UN health agency needed to be empowered because it did not presently have the mandate to deal with a global pandemic like Covid-19.

Other countries that have voiced support in this regard include UK, Japan, Indonesia, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, South Korea and Turkey were also among countries which backed the draft motion.