Bengaluru: The Centre on Friday announced that it would be able to vaccinate all against Covid-19 virus by the end of December this year.

Union minister Prakash Javadekar said, vaccination exercise in India to be complete by December 2021.

Last week, Union health minister Harsh Vardhan also stated that India will be in a position to vaccinate at least all of its adult population by the end of 2021. He further assured that health facilities are currently being upgraded upon the speculation that the virus might mutate in future and endanger children.

During a Covid review meeting on May 21, the Union minister said, "Between August and December 2021, India will have procured 216 crore vaccine doses, while by July this year, 51 crore doses will be procured."

Union health ministry said on Friday, more than 1.84 crore coronavirus vaccine doses are currently available with states and union territories. It further noted that three lakh more will be received by them in the next three days.

The central government has so far provided, through the free of cost channel and direct state procurement, more than 22.46 crore doses to states and UTs.

India provides medicines to 123 partner countries 

India, which is the pharmacy of the world, has ensured other countries get sufficient vaccines during the ongoing covid crisis.   

At a time when the country is facing the wrath of the virus, India has supplied vaccines to as many as 123 partner countries. 

It has also been active in global efforts to develop “diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines” to tackle the infection, Union health minister Harsh Vardhan. 

The union minister also emphasised that India works on ‘health for all’ principle. 

“Despite its own needs, during the Covid-19 pandemic, we ensured supply of medicines to 123 partner countries, including 59 NAM nations. India has also been active in global efforts to develop diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines for Covid-19 because we know and understand that no one is safe until everyone is safe,” he said. 

“India is moving towards Universal Healthcare for all which means every citizen of India must get world quality treatment facilities. Full immunisation coverage is increasing at a rapid pace with a greater emphasis on village-based micro-plans as we aim to enhance coverage to 90 per cent in a year,” he added.