With India gearing up to celebrate Independence Day on August 15, let us have a glimpse of what happened on this day (August 12) in 1947. India was undivided and the process of granting independence to India was underway with leaders holding meetings and discussing crucial elements of partition between India and Pakistan. 

Here are five major happenings that occurred on August 12, 1947.

1. Arson attack in Lahore kills over 100

Lahore turned into a fireball with arson attack that went on for the entire day. As the meetings to declare how Punjab boundary commission would partition the province was underway, the killings and arson led to death of over 100 and loss of many houses that were destroyed in the violence. 

2. Celebrations on Indian streets

With the declaration of dates to announce India as a free and sovereign country, Indians had already started celebrating on the streets. From decorating the streets to preparing events throughout India, August 12, 1947 was a spectacular day, leading to the D-day.

3. Dawn newspaper office set on fire

Office of Dawn newspaper in Delhi was set on fire. The editor of the newspaper Altaf Husain's house was burnt down on August 12, 1947, according reports.

4. Lines of partition drawn

Reports claimed that the plan of the line to divide India and Pakistan was laid out on August 12. The plans of drawing lines were finalised on this day.

5. Confusion over Malda

Malda was  part of Rajshahi division came under Bhagalpur division between 1876 and 1905. It was transferred back to Rajshahi division in 1905. In August, 1947, when there was talk about partition, between August 12 and 15 in 1947, there was confusion as the authorities did not take a decision on placing Malda  because the announcement of the partition by Sir Cyril Radcliffe award did not make it clear. At last the details of Radcliffe award were published, and the district was retained in West Bengal on August 17.