Bengaluru: Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced to the nation the launching of National Digital Health Mission. 

The PM said, "Another big campaign is going to start in the country from today. This is the National Digital Health Mission which will bring a new revolution in India's health sector.” 


Here are more details: 

The card will have:

  • Personal health ID for every Indian
  • Digitised health records
  • Registry of doctors
  • Registry of health facilities across the country
  • Registry of e-pharmacy and telemedicine services

    A website added that the regulatory guidelines are being framed for the last feature.

Well, as we went on researching more information on the issue, one website had quoted how it works. 

How will it help?

  • It will ensure interoperability of dispersed healthcare data
  • Good quality collection, storage and dissemination of health data
  • Rich resource of health data that can be used for Research & development purposes using Big Data analytics, artificial intelligence etc.
  • Spur in the entrepreneurial activity - mobile applications to facilitate both patients and doctors
  • Easier and effective monitoring of outbreaks like that of Japanese encephalitis, dengue, malaria, novel coronavirus etc.
  • Effective monitoring and assessment of various health schemes
  • Electronic records minimise possibilities of errors, tampering, damage
  • Important for development of the fields of the future - precision medicine, gene-based therapies etc.

    The Prime Minister also added, "Your every test, every disease, which doctor gave you which medicine, when, what were your reports, all these information will be carried in this one health ID".


He further added, "Every Indian will get a Health ID card. Every time you visit a doctor or a pharmacy, everything will be logged in this card. From the doctor's appointment to the medication, everything will be available in your health profile.” 

The National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) comes under the Ayushman Bharat Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (AB PM-JAY).