Bengaluru: Not for nothing is dog called Man’s best friend. Its love is unblemished, unadulterated and unconditional. In simple terms, it is devoid of selfishness.

As a befitting corroboration, a dog was spotted at the site where an unfortunate catastrophe broke out in the form of glacier breach in Uttarakhand. 

Reports add that a dog – 2-year-old Bhotia – Blackie has been camping outside the tunnel f the Tapovan Tunnel. 

While it camps there, it is being said the canine is awaiting the return of its caretakers. 

The labourers working at this site fed and petted him. Reports add that the dog used to take the uphill, be with the caretakers till the evening, and then, return when the sun set. 


On the day of the tragedy too, Blackie waited for the caretakers, but did not see them. 

A worker was quoted by Times of India as saying, “He must have realized something was amiss. The place was full of strangers who paid no attention to him.” It is noted further that that Blackie used to laze around close to the project site.

This behaviour by the four-legged creature is telling commentary on how love is beyond conditions and love has to be for the sake of love. 

By the way, when reports last came in, as many as 36 people have lost their lives in the cataclysm while 204 bodies have reportedly gone missing.
Even during a tragedy of such big a magnitude, the ‘dog-love’ episode comes as a lesson for all of us in how to love beyond expectations and have gratitude.  

One of the workers named Rajinder Kumar said, “We would give him food, a sack to sleep on when we worked. Blackie would be around during the day and leave in the evening when we did.”