IMTS Institute is a Distance Learning Institute with over 150+ experienced career counsellors that believe in the 'right to education.' For the past 16 years, the Institute has attained greatness through hard work and dedication. Professionals ensure that students achieve their goals by obtaining a high-quality education in their subject of interest.

IMTS Institute Distance education provides career advice for distance Learning courses or online learning courses for students to pick up where they left off in their studies due to various circumstances. Distance education and online courses provided by them can reach students beyond geographical borders while also allowing them to work and study simultaneously.

IMTS Institute is founded on ethical, professional, and transparent e-governance, integrating students and faculty in building healthy, dynamic, and sustainable societies. Its Distance Education program was founded in 2005 as a self-governing institute, and it also serves as a counselling and guidance centre for several distance learning universities. 

In early 2005, we focused on the counselling of students as most of the students weren't sure about what to study after the 12th grade. IMTS offers Courses after 12th Science , Arts, Management Etc. Like IGNOU Admission Support, Other university admission Support ETC.
IMTS's core principles are that every student should get correct information and support before taking University admission, which will serve as a cornerstone to a bright future. Furthermore, the Institute's professional training counsellors go to great lengths to ensure this concept becomes a reality. 
Today, IMTS has a working staff of 150 employees and 20 committed teachers. Its students come from all 28 Indian states, eight Union Territories, and forty Nations, with more than 70 percent coming from neighbouring states and countries. As a result,  

98 Student pass rate of 98 percent with IMTS institute

If students look over the IMTS institute's past, it is clear that they've had an 85% students' pass rate over the past five years.

Impact on the literacy level in India
The Institute has assisted more than 28,000 students in reaching their goals in the workplace. They are employed in the top MNCs and can pursue the job they want due to the Institute's skill-based teaching methods, the latest technology, and innovative, engaging classrooms.
The Institute's focus is to offer a dependable experience in online education and technology-based learning, as well as doubt clearing sessions with instructors if required. Students can grasp the most relevant concepts regarding technological advancement within the industry. Because of the high-quality education and current information, advanced training has helped many students at IMTS in landing important positions in the major MNCs.

According to the news website ICNN News 2021, around two-and-a-half thousand students are expected to have finished their studies through IMTS Institute. More than 200 businesses have hired employees who are part of their IMTS Institute talent pool. Furthermore, employers will pay top dollar for highly skilled workers who excel in solving problems and thinking critically. These results are a testament to IMTS the quality of its training.

In the absence of direction, 57 percent of students haven't applied for admission to any institution. Each year, this is IMTS their target audience. Due to the power in the web-based format, the IMTS can swiftly assist and direct students to the right admissions course according to their requirements. If they transform 0.25 percent of the students, over 7,000 students per year will be there. In turn, this will boost India's literacy rates. India.

The IMTS does not limit it to any extent.

The students from UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Kuwait, the United States, and the United Kingdom account for 40 percent of those who need assistance. After receiving proper instruction, they are now operating in the highest degree of compliance.

IMTS is not a solitary company to any extent. Despite the turbulent times of Corona, the company has come up with new methods to expand its network. Part-time and regular mode models were among the first models to be created, and however, they have performed well in delivering impressive performance when used in online mode.

Anyone subjected to a lockdown or cannot leave their home can opt to study on the internet, and it's just as effective as other options.

Free Support Services

IMTS provides the full range of services offered by the University. We typically don't charge extra fees for services not included in the University's tuition cost. IMTS Institute Review 28,000 Students Names are Available on Website


IMTS Institute has 99% favourable reviews and a 4.8-star review on Google. This is an excellent score. While we can't proclaim to be the best, we try to ensure that every student gets a positive experience. We have a 99percent satisfaction rate for students with 25000, which is a great score. Also, students can get complete 28,000 students' data on the institute website

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