Bengaluru: IMA ponzi scam accused Mohammed Mansoor Khan, who is currently touted to be in Dubai, has released a second video and has said that he is making arrangements to return to India within 24 hours.

IMA has to pay more than Rs 5,000 crore to its investors and nearly 50,000 people have filed complaints against the investment firm for cheating them.

Mansoor Khan had disappeared from Bengaluru after releasing an audio clip claiming that he is immersed in financial trouble accusing politicians and officials of extorting money worth hundreds of crores from him.

After disappearing for many days, Mansoor had released a video saying that he was abroad and wanted to return to India soon and return the money to his investors.

Around 20 days after releasing the first video, Khan has said that he has faith in the Indian judiciary and is planning to return to India within 24 hours.

He also complained of cardiac issues and said that he is a diabetic.  


In the video, Khan said, "I have been trying to return to India since many days. But I couldn't as I was ill. My cardiac issues and diabetes were out of control and I was advised bed rest for around one week. As my palpitations are under control, I am recording this video. I have 90% blockage in the heart. Sugar levels stood at 600. Medical expenditure is the main problem."

"If everything goes well, I will be in India within the next 24 hours. I have complete faith in the judiciary of India. I am making arrangements to be back within 24 hours. First of all my biggest mistake was leaving the country. But the situation was such that I had to take that decision. I had to leave everything and come here due to pressure from anti-social elements and politicians. I don't even know where my family is and under what conditions they are living in. I am not able to contact them and there is no source of communication," he said.

"I have prepared a list of moveable and non-moveable property, using which, the money can be recovered. The money extorted from us by means of bribe. This can be recovered through the judiciary. I will submit all the documents and details to the department. I will completely cooperate with the judiciary and the police so that we can recover the money as soon as possible," Khan added.

The prime accused requested the people to control one's anger, frustration and refrain from talking ill about him.

"I don't even have a lawyer to fight the case. I will fight it with your cooperation," he requested the people.