Hyderabad: Police arrested a man from Hyderabad for sexually harassing and stalking his former classmate after the woman rejected his proposal on social media. According to sources, the 23-year-old man was sending unscrupulous messages to the woman and following this, the woman had blocked him in WhatsApp.

 Soon he created a fake account in Facebook and posted several of the woman's photo with many sex-soliciting comments and collected money from many through wallets. 

It is reported that the duo were classmates in intermediate and he was in love with her, but she had not responded to his proposal. The police arrested him on Saturday (May 26), a case of sexual harassment in electronic form by stalking has been imposed on him. 

Earlier in February, 2019, a 24-year-old woman software engineer was booked by the police here on charge of kidnapping a man, who had allegedly been stalking her in Hyderabad.

The man, a carpenter, had allegedly been harassing the woman by sending messages and calling her on her mobile phone for the past several days after being warned not do so.

The carpenter had seen the woman at her friend's house where he used to do carpentry work and somehow got her number, and since then he had been allegedly harassing her, a police official attached to the Gopalpuram Police station said.

The woman decided to teach him a lesson herself without lodging a police complaint, and she along with her five friends, as part of a plan, asked him to come near a college in Secunderabad to meet him and accordingly the man went there, the police said.