An LLB student from Hyderabad was arrested for killing his 61- year-old mother over a financial dispute. He also attempted to make her death look like an accident.

The victim, identified as K Radha Purnima, was a retired teacher at Defence Laboratories School. She resided in Ayodhya Nagar, Kushaiguda with her son.

The accused P Veereshwar (35), unmarried, is pursuing LLB in a private college in the city.

According to reports the victim was in debt so she used her post-retirement money to pay it off. Upset that he did not get any of the retirement money, Veereshwar frequently quarrelled with his mother. This was witnessed by residents of the apartment building.

On the evening of May 17, the accused Veereshwar told his neighbours that his mother had fallen and had lost consciousness after which his neighbour informed Khushaiguda Police, who reported at the scene of the incident and sent the victim’s body for autopsy.

According to Kushaiguda detective inspector B Bhaskar, “The post-mortem report revealed that the victim suffered several internal injuries before she died. Her left kidney was squashed, and her ribs had been broken. Following this, Veereshwar was taken into custody, and he confessed to committing the act.”