Bengaluru: The encounter of the rape accused by the Hyderabad police has seen several praising it while there are others who have criticised it. 
In simple terms, there have been strong differences in opinions. 

Former UP chief minister Mayawati also lauded the efforts of the Hyderabad police. But she went a step ahead and criticised the Uttar Pradesh police for not being as active as the Hyderabad police and added that the Uttar Pradesh police must learn from the Hyderabad police. 

But the Uttar Pradesh police were not the ones to keep quiet. They tweeted their replies to the former CM, detailing all the actions they had taken to curb crimes in the state. 

The tweet states: 
“The figures speak for themselves. Jungle Raj is a thing of the past. No longer now. 103 criminals killed and 1859 injured in 5178 police engagements in the last more than 2 years. 17745 criminals surrendered or cancelled their own bails to go to jail. Hardly state guests.”

All the four accused were taken to the scene of the crime, where the charred body of the veterinarian doctor was found. When the accused attempted to escape from the spot, the police shot them.
Reacting to this, Shiva, one of the accused parents, said the other rapists in the country should also be killed. Shiva's father added the same punishment should be given to the other accused, those who had committed the same crime in the country. Shiva's mother said," If my son had committed the crime, then kill him.