Bengaluru: In a little more than 24 hours, Prime Minister Modi will address Indian diaspora in Houston, Texas in the event Howdy Modi, to be attended by 50,000 Indian Americans and President Donal Trump. 

Now, for a moment, let’s forget what would the subject of Modi’s speech be. Let’s concentrate on his menu for some time. Trust us, it’s full of delectable sweets and other mouth-watering dishes! 

1.    Methi Thepla 
2.    Khandvi 
3.    Samosas
4.    Dal Rice 
5.    Gajar Halwa 
6.    Rasamalai
7.    Gulab Jamun 
8.    kachori with mint chutney
9.    khichdi

Modi’s chef is Kiran Verma. She is a well-known chef in Texas and is working overtime to ensure she serves it right for PM Modi. Interestingly, it is Modi’s mother who is Kiran’s inspiration. She meticulously studied what Modi ate on his birthday along with his mother when he visited her. The picture of the two eating went viral, giving Kiran a chance to understand what the Prime Minister likes. 

The entire set of dishes which Modi will devour is called Namo Thali. 

Modi is known to be a very frugal eater. He is also known to fast during the entire month of Navratri. His eating habits and choice of food tell us a lot about his fitness as he indefatigably moves around the world, making many wonder! 

Why is Howdy Modi important?

It is because there will be an opportunity to emphasise the strong ties between the people of the US and India, to reaffirm the strategic partnership between the two nations, and to discuss ways to deepen their energy and trade relationship.

The audience will be an eclectic mixture from as many as 48 states. Among the audience will also be 60 US lawmakers, including senior Democratic Congressman Steny Hoyer.


It’s not just about speeches, cheers and roars! Keeping in mind the entertainment aspect, the organisers have also planned a melange of events in which 400 artistes are expected to perform.