Bengaluru: While India carries out the vaccination drive, there are still people out there who have fears and anxieties. 

Though the government is doing its best to quell such fears, the active participation by concerned and informed citizens, as also some self-help groups go a long way in inspiring such people to come out and get inoculated. 

In Nagpur, many self-help groups and teachers are motivating district population to take vaccinations, reports Times of India. 

These noble souls are going the extra mile to talk to concerned citizens and bursting myths and prodding them to take the jab. 

The website adds that the district administration provided vaccines to almost 17,000 beneficiaries on Friday and to another 41,000 on Saturday.

Several self-help groups, the website adds had approached bank sakhi (bank volunteers) or krushi sakhi (agricultural volunteers) to create awareness about the vaccination drive in their villages through word of mouth to increase the footfalls. 

“The women of the bachat gat were told to ensure that not only their neighbours and friends but also those from their families should take the jab. If women motivate their families then that itself could increase the numbers,” the website quoted Zilla Parishad chief executive officer (CEO) Yogesh Kumbhejkar, as saying. 

Through such robust and aggressive and impactful campaigning, many people, who had morbid fears, are coming out, relegating all their concerns, and taking the shot.