Bengaluru: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has changed the culture of politics in the country since 2014 by making elected representatives work for the people instead of themselves, BJP president J P Nadda on Monday said in a veiled attack on rival parties.

The people have also realised the difference in the country's politics before and after 2014, the year Modi's BJP swept to power at the Centre, Nadda said as he launched here "Seva Saptah", a week-long party campaign to mark the 70th birthday of the prime minister that falls on September 17.

"Friends, if we look at the politics of India post 2014, Modi not only became the prime minister but also changed the 'raajneeti ki sanskriti' (culture of politics) in the country," he told a gathering, including party leaders and workers, at Chhaprauli village in Gautam Buddh Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh.

"How that happened? Prior to 2014, politicians would come and deliver speeches and promises but would not keep their words and again get ready for the next elections. This is Modi, who has changed that (culture) now. If we are elected representatives, we will work and serve the people and then go to them with our report card – this is how we work now," Nadda said.

"People know this and realise the difference in the two times," he said, without naming any political party or politician.

He said earlier in politics there was "mewa" (literally dry fruit) instead of "seva" or "seva" (service) for one's own self.

"Now with Modi at helm, we believe there is just 'seva' and we work for the last man standing in the queue, the poor, the harassed, the deprived, Dalits, and bringing them into the mainstream," the BJP chief said.

He said India got freedom in 1947 but by 2014 there were still 18,000 villages that had no power supply. He also highlighted the figures of beneficiaries under the Centre's scheme for LPG connection, Jandhan bank accounts, among others.

He said amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the Centre also announced ration subsidies that have benefitted 80 crore people.

"Imagine the plight of the people living in those villages, the condition of their children and their education. Modi has provided power in 18,000 villages in 1,000 days, we must remember this," he remarked.

"When we were opening Jandhan accounts, some people were mocking the move. Now, look how the beneficiaries are getting money during the pandemic into their accounts, doing away with the process of a postman or money order," he said.

He said the prime minister also brought glory to India at world stage, citing an anecdote when as India's health minister he visited the World Health Assembly where the director general of the World Health Organisation (WHO)asked him to take to the stage and talk about Ayushman Bharat scheme.

Modi provided an annual health cover of Rs 5 lakh to more than 10 crore families, including 50 crore people, under the health scheme, he added.

"Now, American elections are due, (Donald) Trump and (Joe) Biden, both of them are making healthcare an election issue. But here Modi brought the Ayushman Bharat scheme, which benefits 50 crore people - totalling the population of not only the US but Canada and Mexico combined," Nadda said.

He also hailed the new National Education Policy (NEP), saying it would give equal opportunities to all and provide for students to learn in their mother tongue till class 7 and 8.

Meanwhile, he launched the 'Seva Saptah' campaign at Chhaprauli village in western Uttar Pradesh's Gautam Buddh Nagar district near Delhi.

"Prime Minister Narendra Modi is turning 70 on September 17. If we look at his life and his journey, seva (service) has been the prime focus in his life. His life has been dedicated into the seva of people and the country. Hence, the BJP has decided to observe September 14-20 week as 'Seva Saptah'," Nadda said.

"Crores of BJP workers will serve the people as part of the campaign during the week," he told a gathering, including party leaders and workers, here.

Among those present at the campaign launch were BJP's state unit chief Swatantra Dev Singh, Gautam Buddh Nagar MP Mahesh Sharma, Rajya Sabha MP Surendra Nagar and local MLAs Dhirendra Singh and Tejpal Nagar.

Nadda said Modi had the drive to work for others since childhood and it is not something that came to him only after he became the prime minister.

Citing the Modi's life as an example of service to others, he said BJP workers will take up cleanliness and plantation drives, blood and plasma donation, across all districts in the country.

"Since he (Modi) is turning 70, we have decided to work at 70 spots in every district for cleanliness, fruit distribution. We will visit hospitals and take care of the ill. There will be blood donation drives with a special focus on plasma donation," he said.

"We have also formed a target to provide at least 70 divyang people with whatever equipment they require for support in each district. Similarly, there would be 70 virtual rallies and plantations at 70 spots in every district," Nadda added.