New Delhi: The Delhi Police have sent a second reminder to the AAP-led Delhi government asking it to give prosecution sanction against party leader Sandeep Kumar who is allegedly involved in a sex scandal.
The woman who appeared in the sex tape alleged that she was forced to give in to his demands if she wanted a ration card. The woman later revealed that she was warned by Kumar to keep quiet in order to save her marriage and that he would arrange for jobs for her children in addition to the ration card.

The police had completed its investigation almost a year ago and sent a letter to the Arvind Kejriwal government asking it for sanction to prosecute, so that a charge sheet can be filed against Kumar in court.
Delhi police officials have claimed that AAP has been delaying sanction to prosecute those close to the party. In spite of repeated reminders, the AAP government has not given permission to prosecute those named in the JNU sedition case, for instance.

In 2016, Kumar was accused of sexually assaulting a woman, who then demanded his punishment. Later, a CD of the incident also went viral.

Taking action after political outcry, Kejriwal in 2017 removed Kumar from the post of minister of child welfare and social justice after receiving the 'objectionable' CD.Kumar allegedly featured in the CD with not one but two women.
(with inputs from agencies)