Bengaluru: The coronavirus-induced lockdown was a very difficult period for everyone, especially businessmen. 

However, it also proved that many converted this adversity into an opportunity to emerge stronger. 

Deepak Chhabra of Delhi is a prime example of how you can use an adversity to sustain yourself. 

With his savings, Deepak decided to open an eatery. In fact, he even did, but to his bad luck, the outbreak of coronavirus led to the implementation of a lockdown. For 5 months, he had to shut his store. 

But as he shut his store, he used his bike to sell snacks. 

And once it opened, he did not sit quiet. He opened his store and sells snacks. On a daily basis, he sells snacks to 2000 people. 

He says, “I had to face challenges from childhood. A high fever had occurred at birth. The doctor gave me the wrong injection, which caused problems in the brain. Then the parents took me to the gurudwara. I got well due to God’s grace. I started to speak. There were also physical problems. The rod was inserted in the waist. All these troubles took away my childhood. I graduated in very difficult circumstances. Then I started the work of printing,” as reported by Dainik Bhaskar. 

He used to work in a sports company. But the salary, he adds, was not good enough to sustain himself. That is when he decided to start an eatery and earn big in life. 

He says, “I started working again in June last year. This time workers were not hired nor did anyone have to pay rent. I wake up at 6 in the morning. I prepare food till 10 O'clock. Then I open my shop from 11 O'clock. I started getting good response from day one. Sometimes the entire food is finished at 3 O'clock in the afternoon, sometimes by 5 o'clock almost everything is finished. I then added 50-60 customers. Now I am not even thinking of opening a restaurant. Just have to arrange a big car and will sell Chulcha from it. Working on the road gives an opportunity to get in touch with the people directly and we give quality good, so customer response is also good”.