Bengaluru: Failures have the potential to embarrass some and inflict pain as well. But for some others, their sheer grit and determination can transmogrify these failures into stepping stones to success. 

When it comes to UPSC exams, it certainly isn’t a cakewalk. Aspirants have to work assiduously and be smart enough to sail through. However, in spite of the hard work, there is no guarantee of success. 

But if the aspirant perseveres, success is guaranteed. 

Meet Rahul. He hails from Hubballi. He has passed IAS exams with flying colours. But his journey was certainly not easy for him. 


For Rahul, life was indeed a bed of roses. As he finished engineering, he got a good job in an IT company and was being paid handsomely. But two years into it and he wanted to give his civil services exams. So he quit his job and plunged headlong into the preparations. 

Now, as he started preparing and giving his exams, he used to qualify till a certain level, but could not go to the mains. 

But these failures didn’t perturb him. Every time he failed, he got a new vigour to take them up again. 
You may be surprised to know that he did not clear the exams as many as four times. It was only in his fifth attempt that he emerged victorious. 

Of course, with four attempts, he did take his time to realise and rectify his mistakes, but the important point is his loyalty to his goal. In the fifth and final attempt, he secured the 17th rank. 

Rahul’s journey, we reiterate, was certainly not an easy one. Repeated failures were an invitation for his neighbours to ridicule him. He was also not able to understand his problems. 

But he has endured all these humiliations, only to reach his goal, maybe a little late, but not indefinitely.