Bengaluru: An auto driver in Bengaluru has helped reunite a missing child with her parents, as Times of India reports. 

According to the website, the driver Majid Baig spotted a 4-year-old girl on the streets of Koramangala crying. 

“First I spoke in Kannada, but she knew only Hindi. I consoled her and asked a few passersby if they knew about her. After trying to trace her family for more than 15 minutes, I took her to Viveknagar police station,” he was quoted as saying. 

At Koramangala police station, the cops made announcements to trace her parents.


He said, “At NGV, cops made announcements about the missing girl. Hoping her house was somewhere near NGV, we kept moving around the area”. 

As the photo of the girl was displayed across various platforms, her mother approached the Viveknagar police station. She informed the police that her daughter had gone missing while she had gone to dispose of garbage. 

Once the police came to know of it, they contacted their counterparts in Koramangala police station. She was sent there to meet her daughter. 

The website adds that once the parents were reunited with the girl, their joy was unlimited. 

“My fear was traffic on the road. I thank god, auto bhayya and police for safeguarding my child,” the mother was quoted as saying. 

“I felt the pain when I saw the crying girl on the pavement,”  the auto driver said. 

Later, he was felicitated at the Koramangala police station. 

Deputy commissioner of police (south-east) Joshi Srinath Mahadev was quoted as saying thus: 

“We had sent her picture to at least 15-20 WhatsApp groups that had residents and volunteers from nearby areas. She was reunited with the family within three hours. Majid Baig was honoured at Koramanagala station”.