Bengaluru: The will to do achieve big in life is the only thing required to succeed.

Amresh Singh, hailing from Bihar is a prime example. 

He could not study much in life, but he wanted to do something big in life. 

After he quit studies after 12th standard, he began to farm in his fields. 

Initially, as he grew vegetables, he did not earn much. Moreover, the threat of animals eating his crops was high and he even suffered a lot in this regard. 

However, things changed when he met his friend who advised him to grow medicinal plants. 

So Amresh Singh took training to cultivate such crops from Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (CSIR), Lucknow. He returned to the village and started cultivating it on four acres of land. In the very first year, he got success and earned a good income. At the same time, animal eating the crops also came down. 
He says, “I set up a processing unit here. Due to this, different types of oils were prepared and supplied in the market. Later I started making and selling tea and coffee from lemon grass. Right now we deliver three to four thousand products every month. We get orders from all over the country including Delhi, Maharashtra, Rajasthan. Recently, I have also sent my products to Thailand. Recently I have also registered my company under the name Farmer Producer Organization (FPO)”.

In this way, he has tasted success like no other. Though not formally educated, he has acquired the skills to grow such crops and presently earns Rs 35 lakh annually.