Bengaluru: When youngsters, who are graduates and earning well, relinquish their jobs to take up something unusual, fraught with risks, it does amaze us. For such endeavours have a great say in preserving Nature. 

Rohit Pratap Singh is an engineer from Faridabad, Haryana. After earning his graduation degree, he worked in three companies in different Indian cities in various capacities. 

But he decided to quit his job and take up something out of the box! Rohit was perturbed to see a lot of flowers that were used in temples being strewn all over. Most of the time, they are disposed in garbage land and maybe, even in rivers. 

Such discarding may pollute water bodies. So he decided to do something to make use of these discarded flowers in a positive manner. 

Now, such flowers are collected, converted into organic charcoal free handmade incense stick, incense cone and vermi compost. For this, he has even employed around 15 women for Rishikesh and he intends to expand his endeavour. 

If the same endeavour is expanded to other temples, more such flowers can be collected and converted. While it plays a major role in mitigating the adverse effects of pollution, it will further play a role in giving employment to many women from the marginalised communities. 

It is youngsters like him that dare to differ and take up something not conventional, after quitting their jobs. 

Such endeavours towards nature and marginalised sections of the society go a long way in making the planet a better place to live in.