Bengaluru: Renu Maurya, living in Devarikalam, a Naxal-affected village in Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh. Renu, is indeed a role model. 

She has played a phenomenal role in improving the lives of women in her village. She has uplifted the lives of around a 100 women in her village. 

But how has she done it? 

Well, she has set up a farm machinery bank. She earns well by giving farm equipment on rent to the people of the nearby villages. 

Well, it has all been possible with the cooperation of the National Rural Livelihoods Mission and the Department of Agriculture. Actually, village organizations are being linked to this scheme of the Department of Agriculture. Under this, the women of the group are provided agricultural equipment at concessional rates, women are earning a lot by renting these instruments. Renu bought a tractor and five implements with the help of the Department of Agriculture under the Farm Machinery Bank scheme by adding more than 100 women to his village organization. They earned 72 thousand rupees in a year by renting these tools to the farmers.

Dainik Bhasker notes that under the Farm Machinery Bank in Deori Kalan, the livelihood women's village organization pledge, 15 lakh 74 thousand instruments have been given for just Rs 3 lakh 74 thousand. 

Renu gets a salary of 1 lakh 80 thousand rupees annually. As an additional income, her husband also earns around Rs 60000 thousand rupees annually. He also has some land using which he earns Rs 50000. 

Renu now hopes to have her own house. She now hopes to improve its condition and make the one she is living in, her own house. 

It all began when Renu joined a self-help group after she got married. Officials who visited her village in 2017 impressed her so much that she joined it. She took loans from the group and today, is living a respectable life.