Bengaluru: Here’s the story of a sports teacher going places in farming, which is also his passion. 

Meet Mujeeb Rahman. He is a sports teacher at Oriental Higher Secondary School in Edavanna, Malappuram district, Kerala. 

He is also the coach of the Kerala school badminton team and the football team of the district team.

But what sets him apart is his love for cultivating banana. 


A note on different types of bananas cultivated: 

Mujeeb cultivates and harvests different varieties of bananas such as Swarnamukhi, Attunenthra, Kunnan, Pattayillakkunnan, Kaveripoovan and Alphonsa. 

He says, “Attunentra and Swarnamukhi yield in ten months. They can weigh up to 24 kg. However, normal bananas are harvested from the fifth month onwards. They can weigh up to 12 kg. Once the bananas are crushed, no fertilizer is added. Organically grown bananas are sprayed with several solutions on the bunches. It is also used to some extent against pests. Traps are used to repel pests.” 

This sports teacher-turned-farmer easily manages both his profession and passion. He goes to the field at 6 in the morning and stays there till 9.  Then, he goes to school. Later, after school hours, he returns to his field to carry out his farming. 

Though he does get money by growing bananas, it is not just about money. This practice of farming is also a great tool for him to kill stress.
He says, “Every day I go to the farm with the hope of sprouting seeds, flowers or banana bunches. Such expectations help to alleviate stress. It is only when we cultivate on our own that we realize what the suffering of the poor is. Agriculture plays a role in giving hope and energy to live.” 

It is people like him that that are a living commentary on how to pursue passions.