Bengaluru: Everything boils down to hard work, doesn’t it? 

By working hard, one realises there is no substitute to it and enjoys the fruits of hard labour. 

Revan Shinde from Solapur, Maharashtra is a prime example. Initially, he used to work as a security guard. But after he was asked to pack his bags, he decided to start his own venture of delivering tea. Today, he earns handsomely. 

Life, indeed, was not a bed of roses for the youngster. His father works as a carpenter. So it was not easy for him to make ends meet. To augment the family’s financial resources, his son had to find a job. That is when he landed a job as a security guard after discontinuing his studies. 

But as said, when he quit as a security guard, he didn’t know what to do. He kept on applying, but did not find any success. Finally, he landed a job for himself in a snack corner. But there too, it was a sordid tale. 

Now, at this crucial juncture, he opened up a tea stall. He used to sell a good amount of tea but all thanks to corona outbreak, he experienced rough weather there too. 

That is when he decided to parcel tea. 

He says, “I bought a big thermos and started making tea and took hot tea to some big shops nearby. Initially I offered tea to everyone for free, because I wanted people to try it first. In this way, for a month, I kept giving tea to people for free. I also benefited from this initiative”.

He adds, “People I served tea, liked my work and started demanding regular tea from me. In this way, my customers gradually increased. And soon my work was back on track”.

Presently, he sells cardamom and ginger flavours of tea. On an average, he sells a thousand cups of tea and employs 4-5 boys as well.