Bengaluru: Sabrina Suhail is a makeup artist. She has spent most of her life making people look more beautiful.

But one day, when an artist asked her the ingredients of the things she uses, she had to reveal to him that it also has animal products. 

That is when she began to feel the pain animals go through when they are used in cosmetics. At the same time, it was also a Eureka moment for her to research on how she can use plant-based materials to enhance makeup prospects, thereby not harming animals. 


Using her knowledge in botany and chemistry, she devised her own products. In the year 2014, she launched her own start-up, called ‘Teenz’. 

Her array of products include vegan lip balm, lipstick, foundation and concealer etc. It is interesting to note that, today she earns Rs 4 lakh every month from her start-up. Between 2018 and 2020, her business has grown by 40%. 
It is also interesting to note that she gives the freedom to choose the customized color and fragrance to her customers. She also makes them in front of the customer. Once a product is sold, the remaining product is discarded and a new product is made for another customer. In this way Sabrina's start up launched a huge range of Vegan products.