Bengaluru: Don’t we have enough material or writings on the life and struggles of greats like Shivaji? 

Or do we need to know more about the exploits of Maharana Pratap and is there a dearth, elucidating it? 

Union home minister Amit Shah has expressed serious concerns about the lack of research on such stalwarts. He said, “Indian history should be rewritten from India’s point of view. We do not have any research work on the struggles of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The sacrifices of Sikh Gurus and Maharana Pratap are also not authenticated. Had there not been Veer Savarkar, perhaps the revolution of 1857 would not have been history.”

The home minister also added, “It is our responsibility to write our history. How long are we going to blame the British? We don’t have to dispute anyone, only write what is truth and it will stand the test of time.” 

Veer Savarkar is regarded as a phenomenal freedom fighter by the BJP. In fact, the Maharashtra unit of the BJP has promised to prevail upon the centre to award Bharat Ratna to the freedom fighter. 
PM Modi too, in his election rallies across the state of Maharashtra has praised Savarkar in glowing terms, saying Congress had insulted Savarkar and even Ambedkar. 

On the other hand, Congress believes that it was Savarkar who pleaded with the British and apologised to them for his release from the Andaman jail and even propounded the two-nation theory. 

But historians have confidently rebutted these allegations saying Savarkar did not entertain any such  thoughts and in fact, worked for the demotion of vices like casteism, untouchability and help create a better society. 

Apart from these allegations, it is also said that Savarkar had a role to play in the assassination of Mahatma Gandhiji. But in his defence, Savarkar’s supporters say there is no evidence and the court exonerated him of all charges.