Bengaluru: The wastage of vaccines in the ongoing vaccination drive has been a pain as the vaccines come at a premium. 

During such a time, Himachal Pradesh has shown how vaccine wastage can be minimised, therefore inoculating as many as people as possible. 

The state follows the principle, “One vaccine is equal to one life”.  The hospital in which the drive is going on ensures no drop is wasted. 

Dr Saad Rizvi, nodal in-charge says “People are very helpful and know everything. They also understand the importance of a single dose. The shelf-life is 4 hours. We have a team who are well-trained,” as reported by India Today.  

This is a good example of how hospitals can make use of vaccines in the best possible way. The hill state has shown a -2 percent vaccine wastage when it comes to vaccine wastage supplied by centre and -1 percent vaccine wastage when it comes to supply by the state. 

Dr Nipun Jindal, National health mission says, “When people don’t come, we extend the vaccine session and we create a help desk so that who are eligible can come and take the vaccine”.

The state started vaccine drive in May but had to halt it owing to vaccine shortage. 

Dr Saad Rizvi adds, “It is a 5-day session in which we have vaccinated 541 people. We have used 11% doses”. 

Neeta Gautam, a schoolteacher says, “Our school has arranged the vaccination drive. I would like to take this vaccine because if I take it, others will also take it”.

With it phenomenal record of using the vaccines optimally, it could well end up being the first state to vaccinate all in the shortest possible time. 

It is in this way that the mountain state has set itself apart and been an example of how best to utilise resources during a tragedy.