Living away from home can sometimes mean dealing with not-so-great food, like what students face in hostels. But Sreyasi Chaitan, a paying guest resident, turned this frustration into comedy gold. She made a funny video on Instagram that went viral, showing how she dealt with the boring food cleverly and amusingly.

Chaitan's video showcases her dinner meal, which includes rice, brinjal fry, and a unique roti. The roti was firm and crispy, not soft and flexible. Chaitan said, "This might look to be a roti, but don't let yourself be fooled. We like it with salsa sauce and vegetables inside. This is a Mexican taco..

The video was liked by people who didn't know much about Mexican food because tacos usually have thin, crispy corn tortillas. Chaitan's roti, which looked like a taco but was not tasty, made people laugh, and they could relate to it online.

Before this, there was another viral video about hostel food troubles. It showed a student trying to break a hard paratha she got at her hostel. This video showed how students were upset about getting tough, not-so-tasty flatbreads instead of the soft, delicious parathas they wanted.

Chaitan's video makes a funny situation out of something a lot of students can understand. It shows how many students deal with not-great food in their PG places.

One individual commented," Taco Bell's been quiet ever since this dropped."

Another person wrote," Meanwhile my maggie boiling silently in the hostel room."

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