Hailing from Junagadh, Thakkar has been serving up delicious street food at his family's business since he was 18 years old. Now, at 71, he stands as a symbol of tradition and community in the bustling food scene of Gujarat. But it's not just his savory snacks that attract customers; it's his striking resemblance to the Prime Minister that has captivated the attention of both locals and tourists alike.

As voters across the nation cast their ballots in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, Thakkar's likeness to PM Modi has taken on a new significance. Customers flock to his stall not only for the mouthwatering Pani Puri but also to snap selfies with the Modi doppelganger, adding an element of excitement to their electoral experience.

Thakkar himself acknowledges the love and respect he receives from his patrons, attributing it to his resemblance to the Prime Minister. "I get a lot of love and respect from both the locals and the tourists because of my resemblance with PM Modi," he was quoted as saying in an NDTV report.

His stall, much like Modi's emphasis on cleanliness, is kept impeccably clean, reflecting both his admiration for the Prime Minister and his commitment to providing quality service to his customers.

However, Thakkar is not the only Modi doppelganger making waves in India. Vikas Mahante, a resident of Mumbai's Malad, also bears a striking resemblance to the Prime Minister. Earlier this year, a video of Mahante playing garbha went viral, with many mistaking him for PM Modi in a deepfake video. However, Mahante clarified the authenticity of the video, asserting that it was indeed him participating in the traditional dance.

Like Thakkar, Mahante is an admirer of PM Modi and his political ideology. Despite the initial confusion surrounding the video, Mahante's resemblance to the Prime Minister continues to attract attention and curiosity wherever he goes.