Bengaluru: Next time when a kid follows his parents to a police station for enquiry or help by the police in Trichy, he would be surprised. 

The Trichy police have come up with the novel idea of creating child-friendly police stations, reports Times of India. 


They have established a ‘child-friendly corner’ on the premises of the law and order police station at Thiruverumbur. It adds that it is meant for children who accompany their mothers who come to the police station to lodge complaints or seek police help in any issues.

So how does it exactly look? 

The website adds that it resembles a kindergarten room with toys and wall paintings. 

While parents who enter the police station would be busy talking to cops on issues that they are burdened with, their kids can enjoy themselves with the help of toys and other playthings. Moreover, it is to be noted that the cops will further be exposed to children behaviour and understand its nitty-gritty. 
It is further added that ten more such police stations are ready to be inaugurated in the Trichy range.