Bengaluru: Here's the story of Pulmonologist Sandeep Nayar, who was among the first to take the Coronavirus vaccine.

“Continuing to protect his family, patients and colleagues is why pulmonologist Sandeep Nayar chose to be the first people to be vaccinated against,” UNICEF said on its twitter handle. 

This Covid warrior, who has not yet taken a day off since the pandemic worsened, advocates the use of vaccines.

"It was a feeling of satisfaction and hope... that there's light at the end of the tunnel," Nayar said, reliving his first vaccine jab on January 16.

Nayar said precautions against Covid-19 should not be taken lightly. 

"Vaccines have undergone trials. Either you will not get infected, and, God forbid, if you do get infected you will not have a severe version of the disease."

"Vaccine is the way to go. Be proud to be a part of it," he added.