Bengaluru: Jagdeep Dhankar is the Governor of West Bengal. He took charge in July this year. But ever since, he has not been given the honour he deserves. 

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee and the Governor have had differences over several issues, including seating arrangements in Durga puja carnival to his unscheduled visit to Singur. 

The latest episode of their feud was how the Governor was made to wait outside the state assembly as the gates were locked. 

When the head of the state is humiliated in this manner, it is quite natural he feels offended and a sense of indignation sets in. 

India Today reported him saying, “The government is outrageously at loggerheads with the Governor. It's trying to belittle the officer of the Governor. And they are doing it through loose cannons -- who hold, unfortunately, the post of minister -- and I am still in persuasive mode."

The Governor also openly said that he would get publicity only when he praised Mamata Banerjee. 

He said, "I get publicity here only when I am in one in praise of the Honourable Chief Minister."

Well, differences between the ruling government and the state’s Governor can crop up. The issues leading to an ugly fight between the two can be discussed and debated. 

But to make the Governor stand outside the locked gates of an Assembly is cheap and there can’t be any defence to it. 

The Governor said, “The government, more than half a dozen ministers, the Speaker, they are at loggerheads with me."

Mamata Banerjee is known to be very ferocious and utterly vindictive and spiteful against her foes. We may add that she refused permission for BJP president Amit Shah’s chopper to land in her state for an election campaign. 

None can deny the existence of differences, but at the same time, none can gainsay that the dignity of anyone can be destroyed. 

The Governor rightly said, “I am a worried man. Democracy has broken in Bengal.”