Bengaluru: A soldier’s life is fraught with risks. Nothing greater than a message by a martyred soldier of the Indian Army exemplifies this statement. 

20-year-old youth named Yash Deshmukh aka Yash Digambar Deshmukh, who was martyred in an ambush by terrorists in the valley is the man in question. 

Just a day before the dastardly act, he had sent a whatsapp message to his friend, underlining the fact that his life was under risk as a soldier. 

He had had this conversation with his friend in Marathi. When translated into English, it reads, "I am fine. But what can one say of our kind of life? We are here one day and gone another!" 

Coincidentally, just a day after this straightforward confession, 3 terrorists attacked him in a busy Srinagar area. Apparently, it was also the day, India was observing 26/11 anniversary. 

As noted by Times Now, Yash is survived by a farmer father, mother, two married sisters and a younger brother who is yet in school. Yash had been passionate about joining the Army and had travelled to Belgaum in Karnataka to appear for the Army recruitment process last year. He had struggled to build a physique so as to qualify for the Army's fitness standards. Enthusiastic about serving the nation in uniform, he had however not skipped the fact that it was a perilous journey.

It is commendable on the part of our soldiers that they choose a life to serve their motherland, in site of the pains and privations it entails.