Bengaluru: COVID-19 has the world topsy turvy. But among the stories of despair, here’s a different one that will make you happy that the world still has selfless souls. 

Dhanna Lal Bairwa, a prospective kidney donor to her relative Durga, had tested positive. 

But Bairwa recovered from the illness and went on to successfully donate his kidney.

"We had all reached Jaipur on June 17 for the transplant, only to find our plans going haywire at the last moment. My brother tested negative 14 days later, but he still needed time to fully recover. My wife's transplant finally took place on August 14," said Durga’s husband Ratan Lal Bairwa, as reported by Times of India. 

The website adds that Durga is fine now and her creatinine level has returned to normal. Her brother-in-law and kidney donor Dhanna is back to normal life, too.

In another instance, a wife donated her kidney to her husband after she had contracted the virus. 

"The transplant took place two months after my sister-in-law recovered. We met the doctor today for my brother's check-up and all the parameters are almost normal," said Mohammad Sharif, Arif ’s brother, as quoted by Times of India. 
It is important to note that if a person tests positive, he can still donate organs once he recovers. 

It is stories like these that reiterate that the world still has people who are compassionate.