New Delhi: Congress scion Priyanka Vadra has questioned PM Narendra Modi’s karma for his “Brashtachari No 1” comment about her late father Rajiv Gandhi, but karma slur has boomeranged on the Gandhis. Right-wing ideologue S Gurumurthy has now questioned Sonia Gandhi for allegedly secretly establishing links withRajiv’s assassin LTTE to wean over the DMK from NDA for an alliance with the Congress in 2004.

In a series of tweets, Gurumurthy referred to his 2008 newspaper article in which he had claimed that Rajiv’s widow Sonia had sacrificed the death of her husband on the altar of politics.

Speaking exclusively to MyNation, Gurumurthy said Sonia Gandhi had contacted Rajiv’s killer and LTTE chief V Prabhakaran for getting the DMK’s support for the Congress. This after she had pulled the plug onthe United Front government in 1997 when it refused to expunge the DMK. The Jain Commission of inquirysuspected the DMK of having a hand in Rajiv’s assassination.

Betraying one’s own?

“According to the information I had from a third party, the Island Newspaper in Sri Lanka, which I had substantiated from my own sources back then and which I obviously cannot reveal, said that when Sonia Gandhi wanted to enter politics, she did not want any hostility with the LTTE. She said that the killers must not be hanged and that she had forgiven them. Secondly, she wanted them to support her,” Gurumurthy said.

“She could not have sent Eduardo Faleiro to Prabhakaran and Sonia’s mother Paulo Maino could not have met LTTE interlocutor Anton Balasingham by just calling up. There must have been some very powerful interlocutors facilitating it. And there must have been some pre-existing relationship between interlocutors and LTTE. So who are they?” he added.  
“If you can make a deal with the killers of your husband for politics, what is your karma? She traded her husband’s death for politics,” Gurmurthy said.

“She did not pursue the investigation into the conspiracies behind the assassination with the Multi-Disciplinary Monitoring Agency (MDMA) formed in 1998. She did not once pursue the matter during the UPA rule,” the ideologue added. “This is much worse karma.”

The Twitter salvo

Meanwhile, Gurumurthy shot a series of tweets on the matter. “With Sonia's entry into politics all her commitment to get her husband's killers to book evaporated. Afterwards she sought peace with her husband killers. She begged main conspirator LTTE's support to get its fan DMK to shift from NDA to UPA which was crucial to win 2004 poll,” he tweeted.

“In 1999 she told President KR Narayanan privately neither she nor her son and her daughter wanted any of the convicts sentenced to death for killing Rajiv to be hanged. Thai was revealed by Mohini Giri (ex-head NCW) See Frontline magazine friendly to the Left Nov 5-18 2005,” he added.

In another tweet he said, “Sonia was not in politics in 1997 when she demanded action against DMK for associating with LTTE to kill Rajiv. But after locked Sitaram Kesari who had gone to toilet & sat in Congress presidential chair, she changed. The first thing she did was to befriend her husband's killers.”

“Sonia's & her mother's secret moves to beg LTTE's pardon seemed to have started ahead of Dec 2003 when DMK & congress appeared to have agreed on the alliance. In Jan 2004 Sonia met Karunanidhi and firmed up the alliance. In 1997 in Amethi she had hinted DMK was a fan of LTTE,” he added, claiming, “Sonia pulled down UPF govt in 1997 because she wanted DMK accused by Jain Commission as being part of the LTTE conspiracy to kill her husband Rajiv, out. In 1997 LTTE & DMK were killers of her husband. In 2004 they became her allies. @RahulGandhi what about Sonia's karma?”