Bengaluru: Youngsters can go a long way in making the lives of other citizens better. 

Three youngsters from Gujarat have pledged their lives for a blood donation venture. 

Started in 2016, this venture ensures that the needy get blood at the required time. 

Presently, there are 300 donors. Till date, there are as many as 500 people who have benefited from the venture. Of these, 50 are pregnant women. 

It all started when an old lady needed O negative blood. But even after a thorough search, these youngsters did not find the required blood. That is when one of them came up with the idea of starting a blood donation venture. 

Jeevik, one of the founders, says, “I decided to start a campaign and together with my two friends Jai Patel and Deepesh Patel, we formed a social media group called Blood@ Your Service. Today, we are helping out people not just in Vadodara, but in other cities as well”. 

Jai Patel adds, “Once my mother became ill, she too needed 12 units of AB negative blood. Even then I had a lot of difficulty in finding this blood. During that time, I had to call a person from Anand to Vadodara. After these bad experiences, we worked fast for our group and today we have added 300 people to the group”.

The group works tirelessly to ensure that the needy get blood. It could be instances of dengue and the like, the group is ready to jump in and render its services. 

Patel adds, “When dengue cases increased in Vadodara, more than 100 people had donated blood. We continued our work even during the lockdown after the Corona epidemic. Everyone should donate blood. There is nothing wrong in this. And it does not cause any physical problems either”.