Surat: With an aim to help visually impaired people gain more knowledge a professor has successfully made a model that translates the text of Hindi, English and Gujarati language to Braille language.

Dr Nikisha Jariwala is responsible for the creation of the model.

"With the help of this model, the visually impaired will be able to easily communicate with everyone and pursue normal education as the model will be able to convert Hindi, English and Gujarati text into Braille. Not only texts but the model will also convert drawings and mathematical equations, and text to speech as well," she said, according to an ANI report.

 Nikisha, a Professor at a Women's College said that she worked day and night to develop this model.

 "This model invention is going to be like a boon for the visually impaired," she said.

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 The professor said that she made this model while doing her PhD on the topic of "Design and Development of the model to transliterate digitalised multilingual text into braille and speech - an aid for visually impaired people".

 "It took me four and a half year to complete my PhD. I also learned Braille. There are numerous digital documents on the internet which these students cannot read but now they will be able to gain knowledge through them as well," she said.

Nikisha's model has received acclamation from the students who affirm that the invention will be very helpful for them.

"Earlier, our teachers used to read out newspapers for us. Now, we will be able to read them after the invention of this model," a student Zeel Rathod said. 

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