Bengaluru: Though the second wave of coronavirus pandemic has hit India hard, with deaths increasing and the availability of oxygen and hospital beds not easy, here is a story that will make our hearts swell with pride. 

A lady nurse in Gujarat has been serving people to the best of her ability to those suffering from the pandemic. 

Now, here comes the twist. The nurse, identified as Nancy Ayeza Mistry, is 4 months pregnant. While she attends to her patients, she observes roza. 
She says, "I am doing my duty as a nurse. I consider serving people as prayer," as reported by ANI. 

Indian Railways, Air Force and DRDO do their best: 

Even as the pandemic continues to wreak havoc, the railways has done its best by transporting oxygen to different parts of the country. 

As on April 27, 450 tonnes of the important gas has been sent all over the country.   

The railways has created what is called Oxygen Express to facilitate the transportation of oxygen. 
At the same time, the air force has also pressed its aircraft into service to ferry oxygen. 

DRDO pitches in, builds hospitals, transfers oxygen technology: 

DRDO has used Onboard Oxygen Generation System technology to create 1000 litres of oxygen per minute which can be translated into civilian use. 

It is an indigenously built technology (specifically for India-manufactured aircraft) used to supply oxygen to the aircrew by supplying oxygen using bleed air from the engine and separating oxygen from other components, using a process called Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology. 

With this technology the pilot can remain airborne for a long time. Till this time, the pilots had to get to the ground, maybe an hour or so after they were airborne to refill oxygen. 

Hospitals can now use this technology to create oxygen.