Bengaluru: A 40-year-old Madrassa teacher, Samsuddin Haji Suleman Jat, has been booked for raping a minor on four different occasions, as per a Times Now report. The incident took place in Dhoro village of Nakhatrana taluka in Kutch district of Gujarat.

The accused had first raped the victim in 2015. It all began when Samsuddin asked her to wash his clothes. It is said he raped her in the bathroom and then, threatened to defame and even murder her if she complained about the incident to anyone else. 

“The Maulana immediately came from behind and raped me. He also threatened me not to disclose anything about the incident or else he would tarnish my character,” a popular website, which took the help of the Times Now report, added. 

It was the husband of the victim who asked her to file a complaint. She had gotten married in December 2019. A complaint was filed at the Nara police station. As per the report, the victim was sent to the madrasa to learn Urdu and Arabic when she was 15. While she failed to remember the dates, she was able to recollect the years during which the heinous crime was committed.

The police have booked a case against the accused under the POCSO Act and are on the lookout for him. 

Recently, a Catholic priest in Kerala put across a proposal to the Kerala high court to marry his victim, a minor, who he had raped. He has been imprisoned in the case for twenty years. 

Though he has come up with this idea, the prosecution is not absolutely convinced about his motives. 

A note on POCSO Act: 

It is an Act to safeguard the interests of children against sexual assault, sexual harassment and pornography brought into force in the year 2012.